A licensed Landscape Architect, graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with degrees in Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture. In addition to his continued studies in Construction Science and Management at Colorado State University, Luke has been designing and overseeing the construction of private and public projects in Colorado for over 10 years. He brings the utmost creativity, project planning, and honed construction management skills to every one of his projects. From large-scale residential and TOD work, to small, intimate spaces, Luke strives to create environments that not only respond to his client’s needs with sensitivity, but also, to create landscapes that blur the boundaries between design, art, and construction. This results in a legacy of built, richly designed places. Luke believes that a Landscape Architect’s ability to orchestrate experience on multiple levels leads to environments that engage the senses and spirit.


Bodie Hultin

As a graduate from the Environmental Design Program from the University of Colorado, Bodie has studied a variety of disciplines, providing him with a versatile approach to design. His passion for Landscape Architecture is rooted in creating places that enhance daily life and connect users to the surrounding environment.

Bodie finds beauty in the details and harmony in the materials. Each project provides a new opportunity to explore these relationships and create a truly unique space. He brings an enthusiasm to work with the native landscape to create contemporary designs of all types.



Growing up on the countryside of Austria, Christoph has spent most of his life outdoors, skiing in the Alps and mountain biking in the Bohemian forest.

Before coming to Colorado, and making the slopes and trails even more crowded, Christoph worked as a landscape designer in the Hamptons on Long Island, NY.  A Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, combined with business studies it allows him to approach projects from economic and environmental perspectives.  

He aims to create complex, sustainable and evolving landscapes that combine important ecosystem services and offer beautiful environments by implementing innovative design and diverse plantings.