Rocky Start


"When we started this garden, the only flower names I knew were Delphinium, daylily, and columbine," says Priscilla Baldwin. As the flagstone patio and wall of railroad ties in her landscape were replaced with tons of rock and a large pond, Priscilla became so enthralled that she went to work for her landscape architect, Martin Mosko. "My plan was just to do a few rocks and some water and be done with it."

Then she met Mosko. "Now I know saying 'just a few rocks' to Martin is a joke," she says. "He doesn't do things in a small way, and I became so fascinated with the whole process, I just kept saying yes to everything."

That's "yes" to nearly 500 tons of boulders Mosko used to make the garden grow. If that sounds like a big job, it's only part of the story. He had to build a road up the mountain to get the boulders in place, then naturalize the area after the job was done. "Now you can't tell the road was ever there," says Mosko.

The garden looks equally at home, you can't tell it was ever any other way. Who could guess there was no pond here before?